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Bowl-O-Drome Rules Governing Our Reservation & In House Policies

Rules Governing Our Reservation & In House Policies (Post Covid19)

Are as Follows: Please Read the Following Carefully

1. No more than 6 people per lane or 10 people per pair of lanes ( Also no one Under the age of 14 will be permitted Without an adult)

2. Only members of your Immediate Family and/or Group will be permitted entry up to the maximum of 6 per lane or 12 pair of lanes (Entry will Not Be Permitted to bystanders or people just wanting to hang out or people stopping by to visit you while your bowling)

3. Start Times and Finished Times will be Strictly Enforced. If you come late we will be understanding because we know that sometimes unforeseen things happen that may delay us, but, with that being said, your finish time will remain the same simply because we need a minimum amount of time to properly clean and sanitize the bowler's area and the bowling balls in order to remain on schedule and prepare for the next scheduled reservations following yours.

4. In order to help maintain Safe Social Distancing, manage the flow of traffic, and control the number of people in the building we ask that you show up no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled start time. And consequently, we ask that you leave promptly within 5-10 Minutes after your end time. (This is for Your Safety and the Safety of our other Customers and Our Employees)

5. All bowlers areas will be clearly identified and you and your guests are asked to stay in your respective bowler's area during your time here, with the exception of bathroom visits or trips to the pop machine (We know it can sometimes be a challenge getting younger children to stay in one area for any length of time so please take this into consideration before you make your reservations) Respecting Each Others Space will be paramount in maintaining safe social distancing for everyone.

6. Should you have any issues of any kind, you will be able to communicate (see and speak) with someone at the front desk, directly from your bowler's console. (They will come to you if necessary)

7. Snack Bar will be open most of the time at Bowl-O-Drome.

8. All reservations will be Pre-Paid and Non-Refundable. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances beyond our control (ie. mechanical breakdowns, electrics outages, computer/scoring issues, acts of God, or the governor ) that can not be resolved in a timely manner, Bowl-O-Drome will issue a credit that can be used to Reschedule at a Later Date.

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